About studio

The philosophy of the studio

Pomegranate studio is the atmosphere of a team, united by one common quality - the desire to create something unique, beautiful and comfortable. Like our beloved national fruit - a pomegranate, we combine different human qualities, along with different profiles of art and design styles. They are like bright, juicy and tasty grains combined under the hard skin, able to break it splash out when fully ripe.


About us

Our team consists of young and very promising architects, designers, visualizers, painters and sculptors. We work with a lot of young talents in a variety of profiles, capable to create on paper, as well as on computers. This helps to create the integrity and harmony of the definition, organization and free creativity, synthesis of high technology and the primary pursuit of beauty.

Our goal

We focus on your wants and needs, trying to provide you with the comfort and coziness, and add the fruits of our endless inspiration. Whether it is an office, a villa or a small low-budget apartment, we will listen to your inner voice and taste, choosing the perfect style for you, where you will feel truly at home.


About our activity

Our company is engaged in large-scale planning, design and decoration of houses, flats, offices and other corporate and civil premises; carrying out supervision during construction, and creating products that can beautify any space and landscape.


Each member of our team is valuable and highly respected. We share with each other ideas and knowledge, and are constantly looking for ways to develop new opportunities for professional growth. We recognize the individuality and uniqueness of vision and opinions, which makes it possible to bring a piece of the soul and talent of each of us to the design to create a common product.


Seymour Rahimov


Seymour Rahimov - founder, owner and director of Pomegranate Studios, a young architect, designer and sculptor with high perspectives.

Love to draw manifested in the teenager’s dream of becoming an architect. In 2009 he graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Architecture with the diploma in Architecture. Currently he is studying at Azerbaijani State Arts Academy at the Faculty of Sculpture.

Seymour began his professional career in a variety of local companies under supervision of experienced architects who laid the foundations of his valuable literate practice. His further step was to take a chance to come out with his own ideas and knowledge, thus having the opportunity to develop in his own individual way. Now, Seymour has a new design philosophy, trying to convince of the need for a holistic understanding of architecture, design, art tasks and connections with the real life most people have.

As an architect, artist and sculptor, Seymour is aware of the importance of artistic exploration and solutions in architecture. Working at the intersection of design and fine arts, he is doing a lot to convey those formal and aesthetic discoveries to the architecture that overflow both in him and people around him - representatives of other professions, but having similar attitude.

"I can be focused entirely on the job that can sometimes irritate my interlocutors, because I carefully take care of the definition of calculations and workflows, being completely in the creative process, sometimes losing any connection with reality and time. Sometimes I spontaneously go to travel in search of inspiration and work remotely. I get an indescribable pleasure from the connection with and perception of nature, getting inspiration from all of its masterpieces - from my favorite Caspian Sea to watching the movements of a wind, or the behavior of children. Sometimes I work without noticing that I spend at the table several days. For me, duality, passion and unpredictability is a source of creative freedom, which helps to create projects, desired and loved my customers".

While studying at the University of Architecture, he participated in the following major projects:
• The "inventory of historical buildings of Icheri Sheher - Baku Icheri Sheher" implemented by the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, USA, with the support of UNESCO, 2006-2007,

• The project "Cultural heritage and local development", with the support of UNESCO in the field of cultural and natural World Heritage sites. Together on the basis of a bilateral agreement of cultural cooperation between the University of Florence - UNIFI INN-LINK-S Research Center of local and indigenous knowledge and innovation and the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction - AzUAC, 2007 in Baku 2008 in the city of Florence.

• The project is dedicated to laser scanning Maiden Tower (World Heritage Site) "Focus on the Azerbaijani science and the issue of preservation of Baku and the Maiden Tower" organized by the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction in cooperation with Vienna University of Technology, 2009.

Gunel Salamzade


Interior designer in Pomegranate studio. Madly in love with his job. Constantly on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration. She loves reading, visiting various exhibitions and opening. Fond of music, fine arts and foreign languages,and tends to travel as much as possible.

"The designer lives his profession, making order out of chaos." The creative process begins with an understanding of the space plan. In my work I am guided by the principles of functionality, convenience, beauty and environment, ideally suited to its owner. She creates interiors, in simple, clear volumes and shapes and colors, creating comfortable and reasonable proportions. I like to experiment ... to mix and combine incompatible. My main goal is to break the routine of everyday life and create something unexpected, unconventional look for ideological moves with the help of material research and attention to everyday life."

In 2007 she entered the Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University on faculty "Architecture / Design" with the specialty "Interior Design", which she graduated in 2011 with honors. During her university studies, she participated in art exhibitions, attended weekly lectures of the famous Italian architect Dr.Lorentso Barrunevu on "Eco-design and architecture." After graduation, she worked as an architect and interior designer in a number of prestigious architectural firms.

In 2012 she took part in the International Competition among architects and designers of Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Cyprus «Degree and Profession Baku Regional Festival 2012" organized in the framework of the Foundation Romunaldo Del Bianco and AzUAC, where she took the 3rd place.

In November 2015 Gunel took part in the master class of one of the famous Italian designer Fabio Novembre, which was organized by the magazine "House and Interior" / Ukraine. Later, her works appeared in this magazine as well.
Gunel is madly in love with her job. She is in constant search for new ideas and inspiration. She reads a lot, visiting various exhibitions and opening. Also, she is fond of music, fine arts and foreign languages, and also tends to travel as much as possible.

Eugene Manafov


Eugene is a leading 3D generalist in the field of modern technologies. His experience combines work as a 3D modeler Interior and animator and designer of entertaining games, which leads to more broad-based approach to the different tasks. He also participates in the development of various interactive programs, both for the PC, as well as for Android and IOS platforms.

Eugene graduated from the Azerbaijan State Technical University, the faculty of an engineer networking. As a teenager, Eugene became interested in 3D modeling. At that time, this area was not in demand in our country, but that did not prevent him from learning it and being aware of the latest innovations. Gradually, an amateur interest grew into a professional craft. Eugene is one of those people who has sufficient and sustained sense of responsibility. He appreciates his own opinion, but also considers the views of others. Right-guided in appearing situations, he in most cases is able to choose the best solution.

Firuza Ahmadova

Landscape designer

Senior Lecturer of the Department of "Landscape architecture" graduated from the Tashkent Theatrical Art Institute (Faculty of Arts). The success of all of her work is competent and thoroughly researched landscape design project organization of the territory.

A specific feature of her design is to conduct pre-work, as well as detailed records of natural features of objects: relief, climate, soil properties, the nature of the original greenery. This enables the development of stylistic solutions and functional zoning of the landscape of the future, not only taking into account the wishes of the customer, but also all the features of the original territory.

Landscape design - is the work of a team of professionals (surveyors, architects, designers, engineers, Hydraulic engineers for systems of automatic watering, lighting, dendrologists) All this enables us to develop customized stylish and composite solutions in the terrain for each object.

Khairov Chingiz


Khairov Chingiz graduated from the University of Architecture and Construction at the Faculty of Architecture and Restoration of Monuments. He participated in various projects and competitions together withstudents of the University of Florence. He obtained his diploma with honors and diploma work was submitted to the contest,where it got 2nd place. He is distinguished by punctuality, high speed of work, delivery of the project on schedule and meticulous development of the project, detailing and submitting completed work.

I thought that after finishing my military service, I'll do prototyping or architecture. However, I received a proposal from a design firm. After some doubts, I decided to try myself in this area, being sure that this is a temporary phase. But to study the construction was getting more and more appealing day by day. While working on the design project, I began to go deeper into greater architecture and began to comprehend it from another side of view, in terms of the harmony of these two absolutely different, but at the same time, indispensable areas. I am inspired by the most complex architectural projects,where you need to consider all the smallest details of the design, and every single detail can change the entire project.

Zohrab Salam-zadeh


For all the period of my work and building my vision, I have realized that art can be quite different – pompous as well as minimalistic. I have always tried to understand even the kind of art I had not previously understood. I have managed to learn a lot, thanks to acquaintances, friends and teachers. I have challenged myself in different areas: in graphics, animation, painting, sculpting, mosaics, as well as contemporary art and installations. Using minimum number of materials, I have tried conveying maximum values and meanings.

In 2009 entered art college A.Azimzade behalf of the faculty of painting. In 2013 entered The Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts joined the faculty of painting, specialty – painter-decorator of a Theatre He participated in several exhibitions both in youth and professional. He has also organized an exhibition as a curator and participated in various projects. Currently he is involved in a project ARTIM 2016, arranged by the company Artim and collaborates with the Theatre for Young People, working on projects. Since 2014 is a member of the Youth Network

Over time a person improves, and finds himself. Today, I know how I can demonstrate my thoughts and write down a good concept. In my opinion, people of art should always learn and think very deeply. This can help justify their thoughts and protect their creation. In fact, each stroke on a canvas is like our child. This can be discussed for hours... Speaking about inspiration, I cannot imagine my life without music, which is played all day long in my studio. Usually it is jazz: our ethno jazz as well as international music of the 40s - 50s. I love it for its energy. It is like drawing with musical instruments. Generally I'm a music lover. You can find almost any genre in my playlist. Also, I am inspired by our national culture, shape, carpet ornaments, and miniatures. I think a good artist’s hands can interpret well by changing colors and shapes, meanwhile creating something new and unique. Учавствовал в ряде выставок как в молодежных так и в профессиональных. Так же проводил выставку в качестве куратора и участвовал в различных проекта. На данный момент участвует в проекте Ярата ARTIM 2016. Сотрудничает с ТЮЗ, работая над проектами. Является членом организации Youth Network ( Gənclər şəbəkəsi) с 2014 года.


Each member of our team is valuable and highly respected. We share with each other ideas and knowledge, and are constantly looking for ways to develop new opportunities for professional growth. We recognize the individuality and uniqueness of vision and opinions, which makes it possible to bring a piece of the soul and talent of each of us to the design to create a common product.

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